Covid-19 reopen Updates

!! Important update for East Coast iNC customers !!

We are hoping to reopen July 4th under strict social distancing government guidelines. This has effected and will continue to effect the way we operate our business now and the foreseeable future. It has had a huge impact on our business as it has the rest of the world. If you are a customer please take time to read through this update.

Barber shop information.

We will operate on appointment system at 30 minute intervals, phone appointments can be made in business hours, we will not be offering online bookings. This will significantly reduce the amount of people in store and allow us to social distance and clean effectively. Appointments will eliminate the usual lengthy waiting times. Disposable gowns for each customer, hand sanitizer stations, lengthy cleaning procedures on all surfaces, floor, chairs and equipment after every customer to be carried out. Each barber will be wearing PPE (personal protective equipment), face masks, face visors, plastic aprons and latex free gloves. The customer will have to wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth, face masks will be available in store, we would ask where possible to bring your own. The expense of PPE, lengthy cleaning and appointment times reflect a necessary increase in premium per half hour appointment, exact price update will be given in the upcoming weeks. This will allow us to continue giving a high quality, non rushed, hygienic service whilst following covid -19 guidelines. We realise for some customers this will be a significant increase in price, we ask that you bear in mind the fore mentioned and remember that we value each and everyone of you that has supported us and hopefully continue to do so. You must call to make your appointment and then pay your bill after service in store. We ask that you arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment and if for any reason you are running late or can’t make it to let us know so we can give your appointment to another. An update on when you can start making appointments will be on our social media pages closer to reopening. Please do not message for appointments.

Bar information.

When authorised we hope to operate a takeaway service, social distance areas indoor and outdoor within our licensed area. There will be significantly reduced occupancy numbers. We are still awaiting news from the government on specific legislation. Updates will be on our social media pages. Throughout the upcoming weeks.

Clothing/Merchandise info.

All clothing and products will be in stock as usual.

Thankyou for your understanding and support through out the lockdown period, we can’t wait to see you all again and look forward to better brighter days.